OceanPOL Research Radar


The OceanPOL research radar is a C-band polarimetric weather radar mounted on the CSIRO operated Research Vessel (RV) Investigator. This ship-borne radar has operated since 2017.

Data collected includes routine observations on all research voyages, including multiple trips to Antarctic waters, Heard Island and circumnavigation of Australia. Data has also been collected during field campaigns, including CAPRICORN (2016), Reef to Rainforest (2017) and Years of the Maritime Continent (2019).

This subcollection is separated into products that relate to the level of processing applied. Please refer to the associated records linked below for more information about each product.

Please use the following reference and DOI

Louf V., A. Protat,: OceanPOL Weather Radar Dataset. electronic dataset, National Computing Infrastructure, doi: 10.25914/5fc4975c7dda8

This project was undertaken with the assistance of resources and services from CSIRO Marine National Facility, the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

RV Investigator alongside Fort Hill Wharf, Darwin. Image: Hugh Barker, CSIRO.

Example of RV Investigator Tracks across multiple voyages


Level 1b

Corrected and Calibrated datasets organised into voyage

NCI THREDDS Data Service

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